She's Leaving Home

This is it! Today's the big day! Wahoooo! After spending the last month immersing myself in such Clemson staples as Rockhopper's Trivia Night, movie nights, and dinner at Granny's Grill (breakfast 24/7), it's time for me to jump over the pond. Despite my months of planning, I'm still a little nervous that a plan will fall through. That my luggage will get lost, or my computer will break, or my plane will crash and burn into the ocean (Thanks for the paranoia, Air France). Regardless, it's time to go.

My boyfriend (who woke up early to surprise me with Starbucks!) is taking me to the Charlotte airport, where I have a 2:00 flight to Chicago. Then, from Chicago I fly to Dublin, where I'll be enjoying a 6-hour layover exploring the city. Finally, I have a RyanAir flight to Edinburgh - my first major stop. I'll be spending all next week with MacBackpackers doing a tour of Scotland. Not sure how the internet will be at our hostels, but I'll try to stay updated. We're essentially travelling around the whole country's perimeter, so there should be lots of fun stories to come of it! Until then, wish me luck as I spend the next 24-hours of travel time finishing Sense & Sensibility (and, by finishing the book, I mean playing with a virtual lightsaber on my iPod touch).

Thanks again to Marty for making this happen, and to my Mom for being a packing goddess when I moved out of my apartment yesterday. Seriously, you guys should have seen her. It was a miracle. Talk to you again soon!

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  1. Thanks for the link, Adrienne! We wil be checking in regularly.

    Dad and "Your" Nancy