I've Just Seen a Face

In fact, I've seen lots of faces. I'm only in Dublin, but my 1) unnparalleled people-watching and 2)inability to travel into the city due to a 1-hour bus/40 EURO TAXI to Malahide have called for the authoring of a new blog post. While I was waiting to board the plane in Chicago, an old man sat next to me who was the twin of UP's main character. Short, stout, a cane, and quite the grumpy countenance. I kept sneaking glances at him - hope he didn't mind too much.

Another elderly gentleman caught my eye on the plane. He sat next to me, and was the sweetest Irishman I could have imagined. I had to help him figure out his remote control - he doesn't fly much. He snored almost the whole time, but when he was awake, he was absolutely charming. Just in the last few hours I have been able to see what fun, kind people many of the Irish are. I wish I could stay here longer, but alas, I am confined to the airport until 2:50. After my new friend from California and I finish forcing our baggage into RyanAir limits (what fun), I'm FINALLY done flying. Scotland.

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  1. We're so glad you made it across "the pond" safely! Have fun! Love, MOM & JOE