it won't be long

Starting today, I can officially say that I leave for Oxford THIS MONTH.  Twenty-six days until my plane departs from Charlotte...and twenty-seven days until my plane arrives in Edinburgh.  I am so tempted to pack my bags tonight, to go wait at the airport until the hour arrives.  Sort of like Tom Hanks in The Terminal (don't worry, no ketchup on saltines for me).  

However, I have to remember that this summer won't start when I go to Europe.  My summer is happening now, and I need to enjoy my time in Clemson while I'm still here!  After all, in August, I'll only have one year until graduation...and I'll be wishing I could stretch out every moment.  Starting tomorrow morning, I hereby vow to stop spending my days 1) Scouring the internet for cheap train tickets, 2) Researching concerts in Oxford, 3) Counting the hours, seconds, etc. until go-time.  It will be here soon enough. :)        

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