carry that weight

I took my own advice too well. In trying to engross myself more in Clemson, I have put aside packing, put aside train tickets, put aside reading Northanger Abbey, put aside questions on how I actually get the UK to let me in...until today.

Yesterday, my Dad and my Nancy (a stepmother who I refuse to call a stepmother, because of the negative connotation) left for Sequim, Washington. Washington State. The Northwest. As in, the opposite of the Southeast. For the last week I have been in such a frantic, packing mood, that I couldn't stop once they drove down the street. If I was to stop moving, their absence would sink in, and I would gorge myself on ice cream in front of the Gosselins. Hence, 10 days before my departure date, I have my bags packed. It is a horrible testament to the masses of clothes I own that I can pack for 6 weeks in Europe and still have more than enough to wear in Clemson.

Without a scale, I'm not sure how much it weighs, but I've narrowed everything to one bag. I even bought a pair of Columbia convertible pants (zip off to shorts) for my backpacking trip, to wear every day I'm there. 5 days in the same pants. You know I'm excited about that. I also managed to sneak in my (in)famous SpiderMan boxer shorts...my all-time favorite sleepwear. Those may have to come out again before I leave.

In addition to clothes, I've packed some of the books I'll need over the summer. Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma...all those difficult and tedious reads. :) I'm already halfway into Northanger Abbey. Jane Austen is one sassy lady.

" . . . our pleasures in this world are always to be paid for . . . "

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