Slow Down

I'm alive, and I'm in Oxford. But after a week of adventure, adventure, adventure, I need to take a break. So, no more posting or emailing until Monday (when the wireless will be up at St. Peter's). Until then, I'll be sleeping. Goodnight!


  1. We all love hearing about your adventures, but know that you need your "crash time." Thanks for sharing those adventures with us. We love you very much. Happy July 4th!
    Love, Mom & Joe

  2. Ohmagawd they blew up the sky and it was like "whiffzz POP Shoof BANG" And then there was one that was like a smiley face but it was upside down and my dad was like "They did it wrong." and I was like "I'm sure that fireworks guy gets that a lot. 'Hey, you messed up the smiley face' 'Oh, thanks, yeah I co-ordinated a half-hour of non-lethal explosions without catching anything on fire but sorry I messed up the smiley face. Maybe next time you can do this and I can have funnel cake."

    Which leads to my question, do they have funnel cake there? Did they have fireworks for Independence Day? Do they call it Independence Day, or something British-witty like "Good riddance" day? Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying England

  3. Hey,
    I am happy that you are ensconced in Oxford. Papa and I are so excited for you to have earned this great opportunity and to see you are taking full advantage of your time abroad.
    I am anxiously waiting for you to post your pictures. Your descriptions of your adventures are so good!
    Take care and have fun.