Please Mr. Postman...

...write my paper for me. It's due tomorrow night, and I have 89 of 2000 words. It's difficult, though, with a topic like: "How wrong can a heroine be?"


I was hoping to write this paper on supporting characters in Emma and Pride and Prejudice, but he hits us with the "heroine" card. No matter. After approximately 5 hours at the Bodleian, I may have found a loophole; my plan is to discuss how the "wrongness" of Austen's heroines is limited by two key characters. First, "the influenced," increases "wrongness" by flattering the inept decisions of our heroine and falling prey to those decisions (for example, Harriet Smith). Second, the "influential," limits and eventually corrects "wrongness" by criticizing behaviors (Mr. Knightley). This way, I can talk about the characters I find most interesting while still answering the key question. I should probably be developing this more instead of writing a blog, but...yeah. Don't judge.

Last night, Brief Encounter was AMAZING. Absolutely astounding. Creative, beautiful, romantic, sad, hysterical - everything a musical should be. Set in the 1940's, it tells the story of a woman's short affair with a stranger she meets at a train station. It's based on an old movie, which the production actually incorporates into the show. In the opening sequence, an actress walks through a screen and "into" the movie! The illusion was so immaculate that the audience gave a loud gasp, sucking all the air from the room. I won't reveal too much more, with hopes it will come to America and you can see it yourself!

This afternoon I bought cookie mix with some of my peeps, and we're going to take a baking study break tonight. Something to look forward to! Later this weekend I'm going to (hopefully) see Jude Law perform in a full folio of Hamlet, and with a paper due before then, I may not have time to write until I return from London. Expect a long one - especially if we get to see the show!!

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  1. A cookie break! Wow! Sounds very American! :)Do you have access to a full kitchen?
    Heather is coming home tonight and has requested my pork tenderloin with rice and gravy, and brussel sprouts. Yes, I said brussel sprouts. :) First child(person) in my house EVER to request brussel sprouts! LOL
    Good luck with your paper (I know you'll "hit it out of the park!) and getting to see Jude law on Sunday!
    I love you!