Helter Skelter

As the last few days have been fairly uneventful (in comparison to Jude Law or Chatsworth or exciting intellectual challenges), I present you with a list.

Things the UK Could Learn from America:
  1. Public restrooms. I can't begin to count the number of times I've had to sneak into a pub, feigning an intent to buy something, just to use the toilet. How embarrassing...but they bring it upon themselves. I must be free to pee!!
  2. Trash cans. They got rid of them all due to bomb threats, which is understandable. But even a clear trashbag hanging on a door would help. Anything to avoid carrying around half of my sandwich and an apple core all day (which, especially on rainy days, gets quite gross).
  3. Church. Oxford is swarming with grand Catholic churches that make excellent photographs; however, after attending one, you realize that there needs to be something more than elaborate stained glass from the middle ages. Just because the building is pretty doesn't mean the faith is strong.
  4. Bringing the Check. A mixed blessing, restaurants in the UK don't seem to rush you out. Teatime is a time to relax, and they could care less if you sat there all day...but I don't want to sit there all day. I have stuff to do. Check?! Check...excuse me, check!!
  5. Speed Limits. I almost got hit by a bus today. And yesterday. And the day before that...
  6. Sunshine.

Things America Could Learn from the UK

  1. High Tea. No description necessary.
  2. Morton's. A place to have high tea in Oxford. No description necessary.
  3. Mass Transit. I ride the buses more than I almost get hit by them, so it balances out. I could live here for the next thirty years and never have to use a car; the transportation is incredible. And color-coded. Even I figured it out.
  4. Education. In just five weeks time, I feel like I'm going to come away with the same amount of knowledge as if I had taken a semester-long class at Clemson. It's because you only meet with your professor once or twice a week, and are otherwise responsible for doing your own research. Discovering things for yourself and having them validated by an expert in your field is the perfect way to learn, because you're actually learning.
  5. Choir. The churches may not have great messages, but those sopranos can hit it hardcore.
  6. "Funday Monday." At our Monday evening formal dinners, we get unlimted free wine. Why does Harcombe not give us free wine?! Get with the program!

In other news, got an A on my second paper. Went to the Cotswolds today. Saw Viola's house from Shakespeare in Love. Walked through a ruin in the rain. Had tea and crumpets. Listened to Flight of the Conchords all the way home. Success.


  1. I fully support your Funday Monday proposal.

  2. Reliable Mass Transit sounds wonderful...Never having to use a car? A pipe dream if you don't live in a big city in America. My teacher friends have voted that we want Bailey's Irish Creme and Kahlua by our coffee pot at school. That would make EVERY day a Funday! :)

  3. Here Here...dito for the work place!!!

    For some reason I am developing an urge to listen to my old Beatles albums....wonder why...


  4. Caution: Wine in Harcombe may result in "grapes of wrath".