I Don't Want to Spoil the Party

Last blog.


I have been back in the United States for approximately four days, and still, I can't stop this separation anxiety. Dulles Airport is the worst in the world, so as soon as I stepped off the plane, my thoughts turned to the glory hallelujahs of Europe. "Paris would have done this xyz way" "London's system is so much better" "I hate my life," etc. It was a little overdramatic. In combination with a cold and stomach virus this week, my first impressions back have not been shiny happy ones.

(I did, however, get jelly biscuits at Cracker Barrell yesterday. It was a good moment.)

More than anything, however, I just think it's because I'm returning to responsibilities. I got lazy while I was in Europe; only having class two days a week, traveling across the UK on weekends . . . I got a little spoiled. Now it's back to reality (as opposed to the "fake life" I was leading in Europe, of course), and I guess I have to embrace it! I have SO many great friends in Clemson who I have missed very, very, very much. I have a really awesome class on Ian McEwan coming up, too, so that's something to be stoked about. OH! And I'm moving into a new apartment on Saturday, complete with full cable package. Squee!!! Oooh! Oh! And FOOTBALL season starts, like, NOW! YESSSS!

So, take a look at that, self. Clemson has a lot to offer; it's just different from where I've been. Lots of people in Europe would ask us to tell them about America, would go on-and-on about how they want to visit. Really? I need to visit it myself.

Thanks for the ride, everybody! Marty, the Honors College, Dr. Wainscott, St. Peter's College, Dr. Addison, Hugh . . . just, thanks. It was a (cliche alert) life-changing experience that will not be soon forgotten.

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  1. Welcome back kiddo,

    We will miss the posts. You did a great job with the descriptions, making us feel like we were there with you. We are all very proud of you.
    Good luck this year in school.
    We moved Eric into his dorm at Carolina this weekend so the family is offically "split". Nothing like a good family rivalry to get the juices flowing.