The End/Too Much Monkey Business

Ladies and gentlemen, Adrienne has left the building.

I purposefully haven't written a proper "farewell" post about Oxford (which I left, officially, at 10:10 this morning) because it's just too sad for me. I met so many amazing people (especially two particulars who are my friend soul mates for life), did SO many amazing things (remember the trip to Paris? or when I waited to see Jude Law's Hamlet at 4 AM?), and stretched myself socially/mentally/even physically (cobblestone streets hurt your tootsies!). I can't bear to think about that chapter of my life ending. Although I may return, nothing will replace the memories I created this summer.

SO. As I wipe the tears from my face...

We move from the End to a new beginning in Dublin. I got here with Hattie this afternoon, and it's great fun! A wonderful, energetic distraction from what I left behind in England! Fave sighting of the day? A James Joyce living statue. Other bonus features? The best fish-&-chips of my LIFE in Temple Bar, three fun and crazy old men at the pub, a glorious musician who sang American songs just for us, light rains and warm breezes, and the city bus driver who pulled over - yes, pulled over - his passengers to give us directions. I'll write more once I have time to process/breathe...see you in America!!!!!!!!!


  1. We're glad all is well and you made it to Dublin. Be safe and we'll see you on the "other side of the pond." :)We love you!
    MOM & JOE

  2. What a journey you have experienced! Thank you so much for the posts and pictures. Your descriptions were so vivid that I felt that I was traveling along with you Through your eyes, I saw the art of the great impressionist especially my faves, Monet and Degas. I smelled the aroma of Paris and ate the bread,cheese and wine(did not like the wine). You looked so happy in your Paris pictures and you were"tres chic". You certainly could have been mistaken for a young French woman. Again, I thank you for the journey.
    Now you are in the land of my grandfather, your great,great grandfather. Perhaps you saw a "wee farm where the Shannon bends". He longed for Ireland all the days of his life.
    When your plane lands today, Ben will be standing there with a big goofy grin on his face, and you will be happy to be at home.

  3. WOO HOO!!!

    Welcome home Adrienne!!! Your next big trip will hopefully be to the Olympic Peninsula.